Fat Rap

It happens to the best of us: you've got what looks like perfect fishing conditions and yet the fish seem finicky. Reach for a Fat Rap and crank in the fish! 🐟

Top 10 Catches

9999999999999999999999.0 lbs Rainbow Trout user
500000000000000.0 lbs Lake Trout wesley
50000000.0 lbs Brown Trout a
9001.0 lbs Brown Trout demo
2321.0 lbs Rainbow Trout lala@gmail.com
699.0 lbs Smallmouth Bass ilrock
555.0 lbs Brown Trout a
343.0 lbs Rainbow Trout andrzejj
210.0 lbs Rainbow Trout gorkxs
200.0 lbs Brown Trout joni