Purple Reign

This purple beauty will help you reign in the big fish of the deep. Fish with it by itself or rig it with a rubber worm, live shrimp, or other natural baits.

Top 10 Catches

1000000.0 lbs Rainbow Trout FishyMcFishFace
133.0 lbs Smallmouth Bass cknert
100.0 lbs Lake Trout hipsterbrown
50.0 lbs Rainbow Trout jackjack
40.0 lbs Walleye lemmks
25.0 lbs Lake Trout leo
19.5 lbs Largemouth Bass Waihon
12.0 lbs Largemouth Bass elvisnunez
12.0 lbs Lake Trout aquaticassembly
12.0 lbs Brown Trout albert