Fire Tiger

Muddy water or clear water, it makes no difference with this spinner. The Fire Tiger is versatile, consistent, and oh so tempting. 💙

Top 10 Catches

420694206942069.0 lbs Brown Trout bingobongo
9999999999.0 lbs Walleye bingobongo
4206942069.0 lbs Lake Trout bingobongo
123123.0 lbs Lake Trout qwerty123
42069.0 lbs Smallmouth Bass bingobongo
42069.0 lbs Bluegill bingobongo
9898.0 lbs Rainbow Trout al
1243.0 lbs Rainbow Trout checkcheck
343.0 lbs Rainbow Trout hiojbhiopk
250.0 lbs Lake Trout jmcharnes