Time-tested and angler-approved... by the US Navy! During World War II, emergency kits for sailors and pilots included a bucktail along with fishing line. Rumor has it, this bait is still used as survival equipment by Navy Seals today. 🌠

Top 10 Catches

100.0 lbs Brown Trout Test-pass1
100.0 lbs Brown Trout iphone123
50.0 lbs Lake Trout hotwire
45.0 lbs Smallmouth Bass Clark
44.0 lbs Rainbow Trout one
25.0 lbs Largemouth Bass new1
22.0 lbs Bluegill joni
10.0 lbs Rainbow Trout Test-pass1
10.0 lbs Bluegill Keith
8.0 lbs Bluegill Arthur